L E T ‘ S C E L E B R A T E!!

indigo & sage


H A P P Y  B I R T H D A Y!!

On this day twenty four years ago, my bestie girl Alexa Nicole was born so basically its the BEST DAY EVER! Im sure most of y’all know by now that we have been friends since we were babies, we have been lucky enough to experience 24 years or friendship & that in itself is something to celebrate! Lexa Lou is literally the NICEST person you will ever meet, she has a heart of gold & a kick a** since of humor! We are ALWAYS laughing & I’m sure people look at us and think ” bless their hearts” (insert laughing cry face emoji) haha. We might act like we are still in high school sometimes and we are totally fine with that, I mean we keep each other young! On a serious note though she is my best friend & she just gets me. Blogging together is the best because it gives us an excuse to get together at least once a week, girls day is a requirement in our book! She will do absolutely anything for others and has a way of serving people that makes them feel so loved & appreciated. She is just in general a GOOD person & if we were all like Alexa this world would be just a little bit better. Its not very often you come across a loyal & caring human being and this girl just happens to be my best friend. Thanks for being my bestie girl Lexa Lou & I hope your day is filled with lots of yummy treats, confetti & glitter, & of course Kate Spade! love you bunches!