Gibson David Nursery Reveal

Hey y’all!! 

It has been the BEST two weeks with our sweet new little nugget! Gibson David Allphin was born October 5th at 8:23 am, weighing in at 7 lbs. 8 oz with a head full of hair! We are just completely smitten & in newborn heaven. Sweet big brother Mills is stepping into his role as big brother seamlessly and absolutely loves our new tiny dude! He really enjoys giving the baby his Paci and helping to buckle him into all of the things, its adorable and melts my mama heart. I am just soaking in all of the Gibson Dee snuggles while they last because Y’ALL babies don’t keep (insert sobbing emoji). I feel like he has already grown so much in these last 14 days, its really not fair BUT also I can’t wait until my little loves can play together and make lots of memories. As y’all can tell I just have wayyyyy too many emotions right now, send help! 

I am so excited for Gibson’s nursery reveal, it turned out just as cute as I imagined it! As soon as we found out we were having a boy I knew right away that light blue, white and a gingham pattern were going to be involved, after that I let my creative juices fly and love how everything came together! I have linked the nursery details at the bottom of the post! 

It was so fun putting this special room together, I don’t know what it is about a nursery but it just brings my heart so much happiness and peace! Its my favorite room in the house and I could just sit in there for hours snuggling my precious baby boy. 

I was beyond excited to try out the Newton Baby Crib Mattress, it’s not only the perfect baby blue to go along with his nursery but its 100% breathable, washable & recyclable. It helps promote safe sleep with a breathe- thru technology allowing you to breath right through the mattress to help avoid suffocation. It brings my mama heart such peace knowing that he could breath if he rolled over from his back to his belly at any given time! The mattress is also hypoallergenic and the cover is machine washable while the actual mattress can be washed in the tub or shower which is a definite YES in my book! It also comes with a 100 night trail guarantee so you can try it out and decide if its the right fit for you and your tiny babe! I have a coupon code for $50 off HERE, use code amanda_allphin50 at checkout to try it out for a little less 🙂 I am SO excited for y’all to try this mattress out, its absolutely amazing and brings this mama such peace of mind!

My sister came to stay with us for these past two weeks to help take care of the boys, she is an angel and we were so sad to see her leave. She was so sweet and took family photos of us in Gibsons nursery, its so crazy to think that these were taken like a day after he got home from the hospital! How has it already been TWO WEEKS LIKE HOWWW!? Time slow down. My mom made the crib bedding and of course all things Mudpie made their appearance all over his nursery. I can’t wait to get these photos printed and hang them in our home! Having a newborn brings such a special spirit into our home, these straight from heaven baby snuggles are absolutely everything. It can be complete chaos at times but then the dust settles and all is right in the world. Watching our tiny family grow yet again is the biggest blessing I could have ever asked for. I would go through all of the heartache over and over again to have these moments, they are worth it all! 

These two sweet boys bring more joy to our lives than we ever could have imagined, they are so precious and the biggest blessings! Its funny, the other day Kyle was sitting on the couch holding Gibson and he said “ I can’t believe he is here, and that he was in your belly just a few days ago. I could stare at his little face all day!”  Excuse me while I melt into a puddle! Watching Kyle become a dad has truly made me fall in love with him all over again! I am surrounded by 3 boys and I couldn’t be happier about it! They truly complete me. Our little family is all I have ever wanted. I wish I could tell my aching heart years ago to be patient, that Heavenly Father would bless you with the family you longed for. I wish I could tell her to be strong, to not lose hope and to keep fighting because it would all be worth it. Sometimes we have to go through the bad to truly appreciate the good, I understand that now but infertility was heartbreaking! If you are struggling, the things that I wish I could tell myself are for you….keep your head up, don’t lose hope and trust in the Lord He will NEVER leave you lonely!  

Wooden Name Sign: 48 Hour Monogram

Lou Lou & Company Swaddle: Finley Swaddle

Miller Brooks Blue Gingham Outfit: Oaks Apparel

Newton Crib Mattress


Hi friends! 

I can’t believe we are officially into August, like where did the summer go? We have been so busy trying to make memories over here that I have been neglecting the blog just a little, forgive me!! Miller is 8 months already and I feel like time just needs to SLOW DOWN, like how are you already 8 months old HOW!? I swear he was just in my belly and now we are officially closer to a year old than to my fresh new babe. Insert alllllll the crying faces! I say that as he is sitting next to be pitching a fit….#MOMLIFE, what can you do? He just popped two bottom teeth within the last week & has two top teeth making their debut as well!  Miller Brooks has had a rough go at it lately, poor baby! All of you Mama’s, What are your teething remedies, help a girl out pleaseeeeee!!!!

Speaking of teeth, I had the opportunity to try out the new Smile Brilliant CariPRO Ultrasonic Electric toothbrush and Y’ALL I love it! I was asked to share a true review and my thoughts on their new toothbrush so here we go! 

Let me start off by saying that I have been using a Sonicare Toothbrush for the past 5 years and never in a million years did I think I would ever make any kind of switch. I had braces growing up with a less than perfect smile, I was SO embarrassed of my teeth that I actually got veneers my senior year in high school. It was one of those things that I felt like EVERYONE was staring at, it was my biggest insecurity and I just had to get my smile fixed.  Other than that, I have always had a clean dental report from the dentist and was always complimented on my dental hygiene, probably because I was so obsessed. The Sonicare toothbrush had a great run with me, but with a hefty price tag and limited settings I made the switch to the Smile Brilliant CariPRO and I’m never looking back! The CariPro is first & foremost very reasonably priced & comes with all the bells and whistles so speak! It has five different modes to brush with from sensitive all the way to whitening mode, so depending on your brushing routine you can switch up whichever mode works best for you. I think my favorite mode to brush on is White, it leaves my teeth feeling fresh & squeaky clean 🙂 It’s also very sleek and lightweight, comes with an additional toothbrush head and has a really great battery life! We went on a little weekend trip last weekend. I charged my CariPRO before the trip and it didn’t need a charge until we returned! With one less thing to pack, sign me up! This toothbrush definitely improved my brushing routine and already helped me feel more confident on my journey to a beautiful smile! 

I loved the Smile Brilliant CariPRO Ultrasonic toothbrush so much that I wanted to give one away! All you need to do to enter is follow this link HERE + enter your name & email address! Also make sure you are following me @pearlsandpinkpeonies and for an additional entry make sure to follow @smilebrilliant on instagram! Don’t worry if you weren’t chosen for the giveaway I also scored a little discount code for y’all, because I mean EVERYONE needs this toothbrush in their lives! Use code PEARLSANDPINKPEONIES20 for 20% off!!!! 

I hope y’all have the most wonderful rest of your week!!



Babylist…The Things I Actually Used!

Hey y’all!

There are SO many baby products out there to choose from for your little one! As a first time mom I had no clue what I would actually need, what would make life a little easier & what was honestly just a waste of money. There are just a ridiculous amount of sponsored posts so I really couldn’t figure out what was useful and what wasn’t from other mom blogs out there. Of course there were a few honest post and reviews that were helpful but you just never know what YOUR baby will like, love or hate. So today I have put together a NON-SPONSORED post of baby items I actually love as a first time mama. I really hope this helps all of my sweet mama friends who are looking to put together that perfect baby registry!

1.) UPPABABY Vista

A GOOD STROLLER IS KEY YALL!!! I wish I could politely scream this from the roof tops! Kyle and I were both very skeptical of investing in such an expensive stroller. I mean its for a baby right? and the baby could honestly care less about what gets them from point A to B. Really it’s about convenience & productivity from the mama and papa’s point of view and let me tell you its worth EVERY.SINGLE.PENNY. Uppababy take my money! The Vista has it all from comfort for baby to convenience for mama. It comes with a bassinet, which Miller slept in for the first 3 weeks of his life ( so we didn’t have to buy an additional bassinet). It also comes with the seat which is awesome and perfect once baby likes to sit up and look around a little more than when they were newborns. The Vista also turns into a double stroller if having more than one kiddo is your jam. It seriously is such a smooth ride and really easy to push around! The Uppababy Mesa carseat also fits directly onto the stroller for a wonderful travel system or it has adapters for other carseats to fit on it as well. Also the warranty is amazing, if anything breaks you just contact the customer service team and they will send you the part that broke or even a new stroller if needs be! We have pushed around friends strollers and the Vista just does not even compare, it is on a whole other level and we just love it so much. Its definitely our favorite baby purchase and we tell anyone and everyone who will listen!

2.) The MamaRoo

okay okay I’m sure you have heard mixed reviews but for us this swing was a lifesaver! Miller LOVES it! He’s honestly sitting in it right now as I write this & that is just proof enough, the mamaroo helps me get stuff done! He never sleeps in it at night but he is always down for a GOOOOOD nap in the mamaroo. Miller is 5 months and still fits in it just fine, He will probably use it for at least a few more months. It will be a sad day when he grows out of it! It has many different positions, speeds and motions to choose from and is this mamas saving grace!

3.) The BabyBrezza

This is hands down the BEST invention ever!!! I tried so hard to breastfeed and it just wasn’t working for mama or baby. My milk production was low and Miller needed to supplement with formula. I still breastfed but only a few times a day, the rest of his feedings were formula. The Baby Brezza just makes life soooo much easier if you formula feed! You literally press a button and the formula is made for you. It goes straight into the bottle at the perfect temperature the the perfect amount for your little one. It saves us so much time and energy! Its pretty much a baby Keurig and its the best baby product ever!

4.) Tommee Tippee Bottles

BEST.BOTTLES.EVER! I wish people had told me about Tommee Tippee Bottles from the beginning. So many moms told me that Doctor Browns bottles were the best but honestly we hated them. Maybe we are just lazy but Doctors browns bottles had wayyyy too many parts to wash and so many parts that could get gross and moldy if not washed correctly. We were at TJMaxx one day and saw Tommee Tippy Bottles, we decided to try them and let me tell y’all it was the best decision ever! They have a bottle & a nipple and thats it! The nipples are shaped like an actual nipple so Miller latched really well right away to them. They also have a vent in the nipple that prevents air bubbles, so they help with gas without having that awful tube you have to wash every time. They are very similar to ComoTomo bottles without the price tag and we are all about that!

5.) The Ollie Swaddle

The Ollie Swaddle is not the cheapest swaddle but it is our absolute fav! Its a velcro swaddle that is made out of a really breathable fabric. It grows with your baby. When you decide they no longer need their arms swaddled you can swaddle them with their arms out to transition them to no swaddle. It has a very calming effect and Miller loves this swaddle.

6.) The Dockatot

I won’t say much about it, but for us the dockatot was our saving grace. Miller slept in his dock from the first night he went in his crib and he has slept through the night since he was 4 weeks old. We LOVE it & can’t live without it but to each his own!

7.) Ryan & Rose Pacifiers

We have tried pretty much every paci under the sun. Miller honestly isn’t very picky, as long as he has something to suck on he is a happy baby! BUT with that being said you can tell he has his favorite and its without a doubt the Ryan and Rose Cutie Pat. They come in round and flat nipples depending on what your baby likes ( we went with round and Miller LOVES IT!) It has a teether on the opposite side of the paci, its big enough for Miller to take in & out of his mouth, its silicon and easily washable & it folds into itself for clean transport when its not in his mouth! You can order them through amazon & we are big fans!

8.) Monat Baby Shampoo & Gentle Detangler

There are some baby products that are not worth the money but Monat Baby Shampoo & detangler spray will forever and always make the cut. It not only smells amazing but helps with baby hair loss as well cradle cap and dry skin. It’s tear free, Sulfate & Paraben as well as dermatologist & ophthalmologist tested. Its also cruelty free!

9.) Tubby Todd All Over Ointment

Poor sweet baby Miller had THE WORST diaper rash I have ever seen when he was just a few weeks old. I tried every diaper rash cream I could think of and nothing worked. It was so bad, it would bleed and he would just cry, I had no idea what to do it was just the saddest thing. One of my friends reached out and told me to try Tubby Todd AAO and it worked & I mean within 24 hours his terrible diaper rash was COMPLETELY GONE! I have never used another diaper rash cream since and Miller has never had another diaper rash. That stuff is a miracle worker and will be going in every single baby shower gift that I give from now on! It also works on other skin issues like cradle cap, bug bits, skin irritations, burns or any other skin related issue. Its not just for baby it works for mama too!

10.) Ergo Baby 360

There are so many baby carriers out there but Ergo baby is by far my fav! Miller fits so easily in the carrier without his hips being in a weird position. Its also comfy for mama and the straps don’t slide off of your shoulder. It has a sun visor that flips up to protect baby from the sun or strangers touching your baby if thats not your thing. Baby can sit facing you or facing the world and can hold up to 45 lbs though I don’t think I will be carrying Miller when he is 45 lbs lol! It also comes with an infant insert for when they are tiny. All around we have loved this baby carrier and so does sweet Miller boy!

A few other things on my list that are worth adding to your registry….

Nose Frida, Bubla Steal Diaper Pail, Bonds Wondersuit Zip Up Jammies, Dreft Newborn Laundry Detergent, Boon Lawn Drying Rack, Boon Soak 3- Stage Bathtub, carseat/nursing cover, nursing dress for mama, Boppy Pillow or My Breast Friend Nursing pillow for nursing, Jujube Diaper Bag.

I am by no means an expert on babies or mothering this is just my two cents on what worked for us and what I love as a mama! All of these products changed mama hood for me and I honestly couldn’t live without a single thing on this list! I was not sponsored to talk about any of these products & all opinions are 100% my own! I really hope this helps take at least a little stress off of making your registry & makes the transition to mama hood a little less chaotic! 🙂

Miller Brooks Nursery Reveal

Hey y’all!

Miller Brooks is 5 weeks old and I just feel so blessed to be his mama! He is the most handsome little man that ever lived. I had no idea how much my heart could love until I laid my eyes on him! His sweet baby snuggles make this mama so happy! How did we ever live without him!? He came into our lives with lots of love and a little bit of science & changed our lives forever in the best way possible! Miller is such a good little baby! He sleeps like a champ ( like 6 hour stretches every night kind of champ!) he is obsessed with his paci, lives for snuggles, loves his big puppy sister & is a very hangry little milk monster! We just adore him! Kyle and I look at him everyday and still can’t believe he is ours forever, Mills is one loved little man!

Im so sorry it took so long for me to get his nursery reveal up. Mama life has consumed every second of everyday since he was born and I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way. We have finally started to get into a routine and life has slowed down enough for me to be able to put a little more focus back into the blog! I am SO excited to share his nursery with y’all. Kyle and I both worked so hard to make it perfect for him and I am so happy with how it turned out! I knew I wanted something light and warm with pops of emerald. My inspiration came from the thought of new life & growth. We waited so long for a little baby to join our family & we had so much faith that Heavenly Father would answer our prayers! when I think of faith I always think of new life, like a seed that turns into a tree & green just seemed so perfect for the new life coming into our family! We hand picked everything in the nursery with so much love and what a beautiful, peaceful place it has become! I just love rocking him in this special place made just for him. Who knew a room could have so much meaning!?

Life took on such a new meaning when Miller Brooks joined our family. I have never felt a love so fierce not only for our sweet boy but for my loving husband as well. While parenthood is no easy task I have never felt so complete. I knew this was my calling from the beginning and being a mama makes me the happiest girl in the entire world!

Nursery details:

Crib: Wayfair ( This crib comes in black & gold + its on SALE!)

3ft Name Sign: Lily Branch Designs

Dress: Ashley Lemieux ( no longer available but similar style linked HERE in black & green!)

Custom Baby Animal Painting: Loo Artwork

Palm Blanket: Saranoni Blankets

Palm Changing cover: Amazon

Rocking chair: HomeGoods

Basic Invite

Last Saturday was Amanda’s baby shower! This was a day that we had been looking forward to for SO long! I wanted the day to be absolutely perfect because Amanda deserved it after so gracefully throwing multiple baby showers for friends, while she was suffering through infertility. We will share more details about the shower in another post because today, I wanted to share with you the greatest stationery company EVER!

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Arizona weekend getaway

Hi Friends!

It’s been a little while! Sorry about that, we have just been busy bust getting ready for baby boy to make his arrival! I am officially in my third trimester and I literally cannot believe it! I feel like this pregnancy is flying bye, though EVERYONE tells me that times slows to a crawl once you hit 30 weeks so we shall see!

Kyle and I took a much needed getaway to Scottsdale Arizona a few weekends ago & it was magical to say the least. Its a whole different ball game out there with the beautiful desert, no humidity & soaring temperatures. We spent ALOT of time relaxing by the pool & taking in the beautiful scenery. It’s so different from the south but I especially loved that my hair stayed curled for longer than 5 min outside! Am I right or am I right?

We were lucky enough to stay at the gorgeous HYATT REGENCY SCOTTSDALE RESORT & SPA AT GAINEY RANCH for the weekend and IT.WAS.A.DREAM!!! The grounds are unlike anything we have ever experienced with majestic cacti, palms & true Arizona scenery all around, we felt like we were in a desert paradise! We spent all day Saturday lounging by the adults only pool in our cute little private cabana overlooking the lake and golf course. We felt like royalty and could have spent the entire weekend at that exact spot 🙂 The Rooms at the Hyatt were large & clean and the bathroom was AMAZING! The soft robes and exta comfy bed made for a glorious weekend stay! The staff even noticed I was pregnant & brought plenty of extra pillows! The service was top notch to say the least! Kyle & I felt beyond relaxed and well rested for our 6 am flight the next morning and are itching to get back there again soon! If you are in the Scottsdale area or planning a trip add the Hyatt Regency Scottsdale to your must stay list!

A few must do’s in Scottsdale 

1.) They have a Cafe Rio so you can bet that was our first stop! If you haven’t tried this place you are in for a treat, its my fav! make sure to get the Pork Salad, you won’t regret it!

2.) Take a little trip out to the desert. I am not the most outdoorsy type of girl but hiking & exploring the beautiful Arizona desert is a must! Here is a link to Scottsdale’s best hikes!

3.) Lounge by the pool! Check out the Hyatt Regency Scottsdale for your relaxing day in the sun!

4.) Shop till you drop! Scottsdale Fashion Square in Arizona’s largest mall. It has all of your upscale stores including Nordstrom. Plus lots of places to dine & relax from your shopping spree!

5.) Set up a photoshoot! We took our maternity photos with Amy & Jordan Demos and they did not disappoint! Being from Georgia a destination maternity shoot was on the radar for us from the beginning! we couldn’t think of a better place to celebrate our miracle boy than with our dream photographers in a dream location! Arizona is full or the most gorgeous scenery and beautiful light with no trees blocking that golden hour glow. Remember your trip with the photoshoot of a lifetime!

Traveling has always been a favorite of ours, exploring new places whether it be in the US or internationally has brought us so much joy! We can’t wait to show our sweet boy all of the breathtaking ventures with world has to offer! With that being said what are your fav tips for traveling with a baby!? We are complete newbies to parenthood and can’t wait to hear all about your tips and tricks! leave your advice in the comments below 🙂

Have a wonderful Monday!



Baby Must Have’s!

Hi Friends!

I hope you are having a wonderful Tuesday! It’s always hard to kick off the week after such a fun weekend full of friends & family, but for me it’s one week closer to meeting my little boy so bring it Tuesdays! I have my anatomy scan this week & i’m so excited to see how much our nugget has grown. We are half way there at 20 weeks and I just can’t believe how time has flown so far.  The second trimester has been so nice, I have so much more energy & a MUCH bigger appetite, grow baby grow!

I am a going to be a first time mama and was a bit overwhelmed at how much baby stuff is out there! Am the only one!? I mean really it’s insane. Sometimes I wish someone would just tell me all of the most essential things that I need for baby boy! Luckily I have many mama friends that gave me some advice on  just a few things that were life changers for them and their littles!

First up on the list is the DockATot!

My husband & I have already made the decision to not co-sleep but the DockaTot has so many more uses than just a co-sleeper! I received the Deluxe Plus Dock in Marble, which fits babies ages 0-8 months. It’s so lite, portable & perfect as a traveling bed for baby! Not to mention it’s great to put baby in while getting ready for the day!

Next up is the Binxy Baby!

Y’all I can already tell that this is going to be a life changer when it comes to going shopping! It’s a sweet little sling that you hook onto you shopping cart and strap baby into, no car seats needed for the grocery store, YESSSSSS!!! All of your groceries can fit right under your snuggly baby! Check them out at

Number 3 on my list is the Ollie Swaddle!

Not only does it come in the sweetest little packaging, it makes swaddling baby SUCH a breeze! All you need to do is places baby in the middle of the swaddle and velcro across so he is nice and snuggly, all ready for bed! I received the Ollie Swaddle in Stone and I LOVEEEE the color!  I’m so excited to use the Ollie Swaddle on baby boy, I have a feeling he is going to love it as much as I do! Click HERE to check out how it works!

Number 4 might just be my fav- a Saranoni Blanket!

They are truly the SOFTEST blankies on the planet and I cannot wait to bring baby boy home from the hospital all snuggled up! Stephanie has so many beautifully made blankets in so many colors and prints! Baby boy’s nursery is a palm theme so I had to go with the navy and Palm blanket! It’s just so sweet & soft! I honestly can’t say enough great things about these blankets, your little needs one asap!

Last up are a pair or 2,3,4,5 of Freshly Picked Mocs!

Y’all I have always been obsessed with the Freshly Picked mocs. The second I found out we were expecting a baby boy I ordered a pair of the Oxford soft soles in Cedar just for him! They are so soft and go perfectly with almost ever outfit! I am so excited to see baby boy in his tiny Mocs come December!


I know I will be adding SO many things to this list, but I already feel so much more prepared for sweet baby boy to join our family! I would love to hear what your favorite baby essentials are so I can add them to my collection 🙂 Comment below or on our insta with your baby essentials!







Pink Blush

Hey y’all!

Oh my goodness, where has time gone? I can’t believe we are almost half way through July, Summer is flying by! We have SO much to catch you up on. I’m sorry its been a while, its been a whirlwind of up & downs. A little break from the internet world was a must to just catch our breath. But seriously I am so excited to tell y’all what we have been up to!

As most of y’all know at this point, Kyle and I are finally EXPECTING! We cannot wait for our little man to join us this December. I will do another post going into details later but for now I will leave our announcement video at the bottom of this post! I may be biased but I think its the cutest thing ever!!! I’m almost half way at 18 weeks and could not feel more blessed to be carrying this sweet baby! I haven’t felt his little kicks yet but I am anxiously awaiting those tiny flutters!

Let me just start by saying carrying a baby in the summer is HOT but carrying a baby in Georgia in the summer is on another level! I have been on a mission to dress the bump as fashion forward as possible while still being able to breathe. I have come to the conclusion that dresses are a lifesaver and that is pretty much all I wear 99% of the time. All you sweet mama’s out there do you feel the same way? I have been on the lookout for cute flowy dresses that still enhance my ever growing bump & y’all Pink Blush has been my best friend! They have the most darling maternity clothes that I seriously cannot get enough of. I found the most perfect dress for our 4th of July festivities as well as the comfiest shirt ( ON SALE) that is actually LONG enough to cover my belly and my unbuttoned jeans! (or let’s be real, leggings!) Make sure to head on over to Shop PinkBlush if you are in the market for Trendy Maternity clothes 🙂 All Dresses are on sale right now for 25% off with code TAKEURPICK!

Pregnancy announcement:


I hope y’all had the most wonderful 4th!



Hot Pink Shirt: PinkBlush

Navy Shift Dress: PinkBlush