Dreaming Of Gold

Hey y’all!

I absolutely LOVE to decorate! Its one of my favorite hobbies whether it is my own home, someone else’s home, or a wedding or event I am all over that! I just have a blast turning bland into beauty. My recent project…..our new home!!! I just need to start off by saying thank you to my handsome husband. He gave me the reigns on decorating our new home and has done nothing but help me make my dreams a reality. I might have turned our bedroom into my dream room but he sure was willing to help. He is THE example of a loving husband and I am one lucky girl! Turning our house into a home has had its up’s and downs but the end result is totally worth it! I am so excited to show y’all the whole house but first up….our room!

My inspiration for our room was Pinterest! I pinned tons of different bedroom looks and put all of my favorites together. I knew I wanted gold gold gold! I am on a gold kick and I don’t think my love for this color is going away anytime soon. It’s AMAZING and there are so many fun things you can do with gold! The walls were already painted the tan color and Kyle and I just added stripes and let me tell you it changed the entire look of the room, from there it just all fell into place! My Grandma found the chandelier at a flea market for my mom, it sat in my moms basement for years and was covered in dust. I cleaned it up and added a few crystals and it turned out to be just perfect!!! I got the mirror from my Grandma as well and gave it the magic touch of gold paint, it fits perfectly with the gold and white theme I have going on. The side tables were in the trash room at the Mart where I work, so I got those for free as well and spray painted them gold! It was the easiest and cheapest project ever and I just love how they turned out 🙂 Alexa and I did a DIY tutorial for the gold vases, check it out here! Okay y’all I got the gray headboard at Ross for $129 ( yes $129!). I couldn’t believe what a good deal it was and the gold studs seriously make it!

For those of you who know me know that I am obsessed with Gallery Walls. They are my favorite way to take up space on a big empty wall and I found the most adorable gold foil prints at Home Goods for $5.99! I found the & sign and little picture frame at the mart for a steal of a deal and got the gold foil picture at Hobby Lobby for half off!  I got the picture frames for the gallery wall at Walmart for $1.88 a piece. Altogether it cost me about $30 bucks for the whole thing and I loved how it has accents of gold throughout!

I think that bedding can make or break a bedroom. Its so hard to find the perfect bedding to compliment the theme of your room. I have always stuck with a solid quilt or duvet cover because you can’t go wrong with either! Target is the place to get pillows, they have a great variety for an even better price and lets be honest, you can never have enough pillows! I had so much fun remodeling our room. Let me know if you y’all have any questions or comments. I can’t wait to hear from you! Thanks for letting me share! I love y’all.









FullSizeRender 2



Bedding: White Mara Quilt by C&F Enterprises

White & Gold Euro Pillows: Target

White gathered Pillow Shams: Target

White Ruffle throw Pillow: Target

Gold sequin pillow cover: Hobby Lobby

White and Gold polka dot oblong throw pillow: Home Goods

White and gold Bow throw pillow: Target

Bench: Marshalls 

Headboard: Ross

Curtains: Home Goods

Gallery Wall prints: Home Goods & Hobby Lobby

Chandelier: Flea Market

Dresser: Ikea


3 thoughts on “Dreaming Of Gold

  1. I love the colors. They are simple and calming Yet it looks really good. I think that the bedroom must be so: calming and clear. I don’t like dark and heavy interiors, especially if we’re talking about bedrooms. And those pictures on the wall revive the design so much! Wonderful

  2. Such a cute room! I so wish I worked at the mart, you have access to such wonderful finds! And I will never pass up a trip to homegoods, love that store more than what is healthy! Haha. Can’t wait to see the rest of your cute house!

    1. Thank you so much Brett! Its so true, Homegoods is the BEST! I can’t wait to see all of your cute baby bump pictures 🙂 you are going to be the cutest momma! miss you

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