A New York City Christmas

Merry Christmas y’all!

Can you believe we are 4 days out from Christmas day? It’s my absolute favorite time of the year & it doesn’t get much better than Christmas in the city! New York is just magical in December. The lights, the sounds of christmas music in ever store, the window displays & the hustle and bustle of shoppers checking off their lists! Its something YOU must experience in your lifetime. NYC goes all out for the holidays, its just simply dreamy (COLD but dreamy!) We spent 3 full days in the city and were able to check everything off of our list! I was able to keep time on the go with my adorable Jord Wood watch.

I have put together a list of fun things to do on a budget while in the city for Christmas, enjoy y’all!

1.) You MUST see the Radio City Rockettes Christmas spectacular show! Its oh so very festive and you can’t help but leave feeling the spirit of Christmas.  The Rockettes are amazing & the Toy Soldier dance is something you will remember forever! Get discount tickets for the show at the discount ticket booth in the middle of Times Square. ( it’s right in the middle, when you see lots of metal bleacher seating you know you are in the right place!) We were able to snag tickets to the 7:30 showing in the Orchestra section for $50 dollars! PS: you want to sit in the orchestra the Mezzanine is wayyyyyy too far. Radio City is BIG so splurge for the closer seating!

2.) The Holiday Markets at Bryant Park & Union Square: They have booths set up in every direction full of yummy treats and fun Christmas shopping ideas! We spent a few hours just browsing & enjoying the atmosphere! Y’all HAVE to get a Nutella filled Churro from one of the vendors, they are TO DIE FOR!!!! They had delicious waffles, churros & hot chocolate. If you are hungry go there for a cheap lunch and yummy desert!

3.) Walk down 5th Ave to browse at the beautiful window displays. They are truly magical! I think Saks Fifth Avenue was my favorite display but they are all amazing!

4.) The Rockefeller center Christmas tree is a given. Its 100% worth fighting the crowds to get a picture, its massive & beautiful. We learned the trick to get everyone out of your picture is to yell one, two, three i promise everyone just freezes and you are able to get your photo! Its pretty funny & we might have gotten some crazy looks from the locals but it totally works hahah!

5.) Ice Skating at central park. Unfortunately,  the rink was closed while we were there due to weather 🙁  Wollman Rink tends to be less crowded & its bigger than the Rockefeller rink so this was the obvious choice for us! Make sure to go on a weekday, its less crowded and cheaper.

6.) Grand Central Station is decorated for Christmas and its even more beautiful! Make sure to snap a pic or two and dont forget to look up, the ceiling is truly unbelievable!

7.) Make sure to have you miracle on 34th street moment and go to the Macy’s! Don’t forget about Santaland if you have kids, go early to avoid the lines! Plus this Macy’s is every shopping girls dream, it has floor after floor of everything you can imagine! Don’t forget to get a pic of the big believe sign you can’t miss it! It’s a magical place and you will leave feeling like a believer if you weren’t before!

8.) Photo op with the oversized red ornaments & Christmas lights. It doesn’t get more festive than these so make sure to stop by & get a photo you won’t regret it!

9.) Of course you have to walk down Times Square at Christmas time! Its an experience of its own seeing everyone rushing in & out of stores checking things off of their list! But also the advertisements are all centered around the holidays! It’s festive, free & makes for a great photo!

10.) Last but not least, grab a cup of Starbucks hot Chocolate & take a walk around Central Park in the snow! It is absolutely breath taking to see the city all around you and you will realize you are actually walking through a winter wonderland. Relax and just take it all in! Also stop by the Plaza its beautifully decorated and right by Central Park South.

Some of the most memorable things in NYC are free! Have a great time in the city & MERRY  CHRISTMAS!

Outfit Details:

Watch: Jord Wood Watches- Zebra Wood & Champagne – These wood watches from Jord are absolutely amazing. They are made for any free spirit ready for adventure! They are all about making memories and “making time count.”-the Jord team. They are made from wood all around the world and cater to any gender, age, and personality! Check them out Here & if you order in the next few hours they are offering $30 express shipping so you can get your watch in time for Christmas!

Pink Coat: J Crew

Black Coat: Kate Spade

Rain Boots: Hunter Rainbows in Black Matte

Gloves: Kate Spade

Hat: Michael Kors

Purse: Kate Spade

Unique Watch


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