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Traveling is one of our all time favorite things about life! The Lord created this beautiful world & we are determined to see it all. Learning about different cultures & lifestyles around the world is something we both treasure & feel so blessed to be able to experience! Plus traveling with your best friend is just icing on the cake, it really dosent get much better than that!  Our most recent trip?! beautiful H A W A I I 🙂

We dont think it gets much better than Hawaii with its beautiful beaches, sunrises & sunsets, adventurous hikes & deep blue waters its truly just a stunning place! Not to mention there are NO SNAKES so we had no worries in the world seriously best place ever! We spent the week on the North Shore of Oahu and loved ever second of it. The North Shore is filled with more secluded beaches, less touristy attractions & breath taking hikes + the BEST shave ice on the island in our opinion Matsumoto’s Shave Ice! We literally went there EVERYDAY sometimes twice a day, sorry not sorry ; ) we really love shave ice!!! Our favorite flavors were Banana Cream & Coconut cream, Make sure to ask for extra cream we promise you will not be disappointed!

We were able to get up close & personal with sea turtles at  Laniakea Beach in Haleiwa! its a LOOK BUT DONT TOUCH sea turtle beach & definitely a must see on your adventure to Hawaii.  We spent two days at this beach it was the highlight of our trip!

We spent a day hiking ( yes we both hiked & survived!) Crouching Lion just north of Laiai in Kaaawa! Its a beautiful hike with an even more beautiful view & totally worth the short 2 mile trek. It’s not an easy hike by any means and has a few not so beginner parts to it, so be careful & dont go in the rain or shortly after because it is SLIPPERY! We learned that the hard way and came back with muddy clothes and a day full of fun 🙂 Its a hike that us girls got through so if we can do it we promise you can too!

If you want a secluded beach with zero tourist head to Kawela Bay, it has very calm water & made for a relaxing day, plus its right in front of a yummy fruit stand so you have delightful snacks for the day!

Our favorite beach though, was Lanikai Beach located in Kailua! Its about an hour from he North Shore but totally worth the drive for a day at the beach! Its the softest sad we have ever felt with crystal blue water and good snorkeling if you’re into that 🙂 There are no bathrooms though so make sure to go before you get there!

The Polynesian Cultural Center is a MUST DO during your stay in Oahu, the boys had a blast learning to make fire & visiting all of the different Polynesian cultures 🙂 Plus the Luau is totally worth it, the food is amazing & such a fun experience. Its worth every penny of the pricy ticket.

If y’all have any questions on must do’s in Hawaii let us know and we will be happy to share them with you! We had so much fun and can’t wait to make a trip back in the near future!

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