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Now I am no expert because I have only been a mama for 6 weeks now but I have learned quite a bit in that short amount of time. I nannied and babysat all growing up so I thought I knew babies like the back of my hand but there is nothing like being responsible for a baby 24/7! It’s amazing and scary all in one and while I’m sure the years of babysitting and nannying have helped prepare me some, there is nothing that can prepare you 100% for motherhood. Below I have made a list of things that make life easier when bringing a new baby home!

Copper Pearl Swaddles– I literally don’t think I would ever sleep if we didn’t have one of these swaddles. They are by far Evie’s favorite and she just won’t sleep long periods unless she is swaddled tight in her Copper Pearl swaddle. I have tried many different kinds but we love the super soft and stretchy fabric they use.

Sleepers With Mittens- Apparently newborn babies come out with REALLY sharp nails! We decided the best way to prevent her from scratching her sweet face was just to cover them up with mittens. You can buy mittens to use when the clothes don’t have them attached but we learned that they fall off easily.

Baby Nail File- This goes along with the last one. I am a scaredy cat when it comes to cutting her nails, so we use the nail file that comes with the clippers instead.

Wubanub Pacifier- I can’t tell you how many times the pacifier falls out of her mouth. The Wubanub helps SO much. It’s a little animal attached to a pacifier that lays on her tummy and helps weigh it down and prevent it from falling out every other second.

Gas Drops- I don’t know if all babies are like mine but these are definitely a necessity! Poor girl always gets bubbles in her tummy and has a hard time burping sometimes so these are a lifesaver and it doesn’t hurt that she likes the taste!

Car Seat Cover- We have a Milk Snob cover that we like, it also works as a nursing cover which is very convenient. With Evie being born during flu season, we may be going a little crazy trying to keep her healthy over here. Every time we leave our house we make sure her car seat is covered to help keep her safe as possible. It also is very good at keeping her warm when we have to take her out on cold, windy days.

Baby Swing- Everly loves being rocked! Some friends of ours had the Graco Simple Sway Baby Swing and their little girl loved it so much that we knew we had to get one for Evie. Sure enough she loves it and it has been so convenient when she is fussy and having a hard time falling asleep.

Rock ‘n Play- Evie slept in this the first month after we brought her home. I put it right next to my bed, it was so nice to have her right next to me. Now we mainly use it for nap time, but she still loves it. I think it helps her feel almost like she is being cuddled.

Owlet– Bringing a teeny tiny baby home is so scary sometimes! Knowing that tiny baby relies on you for EVERYTHING can really stress you out. The Owlet has brought SO much peace of mind for us! We had no clue how much we would worry and it really helps me sleep so much more peacefully, which is no nice because I average about 4 hours a night right now so anything helps! We were so lucky to have such a kind friend give us her Owlet that she no longer uses but I definitely would have bought one if weren’t given one.

Snacks- This one is for the mamas! I didn’t realize how hard it would be to find time to eat. I am breastfeeding Everly so I always feel like I am starving! I thought being home all day I wouldn’t have any issues making lunch but sometimes it just doesn’t happen. It’s so nice to have snacks available  that I can just grab at anytime.




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  1. WOW.This was an amazing blog.This is exactly the kind of blog that I need right now. I’m due in 7 weeks and it’s just so overwhelming trying to figure out what I actually need when baby first comes.Thank you soo much for your great blog.

  2. Thank you so much.This is exactly what I’m looking for got tired of reading “newborn essentials” blogs that has a lot of useless items that the mom or baby does not really need.I just saw your blog better.I am new,it’s very useful for me.

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