Miller Brooks Nursery Reveal

Hey y’all!

Miller Brooks is 5 weeks old and I just feel so blessed to be his mama! He is the most handsome little man that ever lived. I had no idea how much my heart could love until I laid my eyes on him! His sweet baby snuggles make this mama so happy! How did we ever live without him!? He came into our lives with lots of love and a little bit of science & changed our lives forever in the best way possible! Miller is such a good little baby! He sleeps like a champ ( like 6 hour stretches every night kind of champ!) he is obsessed with his paci, lives for snuggles, loves his big puppy sister & is a very hangry little milk monster! We just adore him! Kyle and I look at him everyday and still can’t believe he is ours forever, Mills is one loved little man!

Im so sorry it took so long for me to get his nursery reveal up. Mama life has consumed every second of everyday since he was born and I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way. We have finally started to get into a routine and life has slowed down enough for me to be able to put a little more focus back into the blog! I am SO excited to share his nursery with y’all. Kyle and I both worked so hard to make it perfect for him and I am so happy with how it turned out! I knew I wanted something light and warm with pops of emerald. My inspiration came from the thought of new life & growth. We waited so long for a little baby to join our family & we had so much faith that Heavenly Father would answer our prayers! when I think of faith I always think of new life, like a seed that turns into a tree & green just seemed so perfect for the new life coming into our family! We hand picked everything in the nursery with so much love and what a beautiful, peaceful place it has become! I just love rocking him in this special place made just for him. Who knew a room could have so much meaning!?

Life took on such a new meaning when Miller Brooks joined our family. I have never felt a love so fierce not only for our sweet boy but for my loving husband as well. While parenthood is no easy task I have never felt so complete. I knew this was my calling from the beginning and being a mama makes me the happiest girl in the entire world!

Nursery details:

Crib: Wayfair ( This crib comes in black & gold + its on SALE!)

3ft Name Sign: Lily Branch Designs

Dress: Ashley Lemieux ( no longer available but similar style linked HERE in black & green!)

Custom Baby Animal Painting: Loo Artwork

Palm Blanket: Saranoni Blankets

Palm Changing cover: Amazon

Rocking chair: HomeGoods

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  1. Your love for Miller and motherhood is so apparant, and your nursery is amazing! Feels so peaceful no wonder Miller sleeps so well.

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